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Custom Music Tracks

I offer professional custom music recording and editing services. If you need instrumental tracks for a wedding or a pageant, for your voice student or choir, to transpose a song to your key, or for any other reason, Contact Me and we'll put together a professional backing track, exactly the way you need it.


Here are samples of my work. If they don't load, listen to my SoundCloud page instead.


Professional music services at an exceptional value:

All tracks are exclusive to you, and you can use them forever. You could have four or five "standard wedding songs" specifically tailored to you, with piano, bass, and drums accompanying, and you could pay them off forever with just one gig.

When you contact me, I'll give you a free quote of my fee. If there are any additional costs—for instance, if we have to buy sheet music or if the rights to the song are particularly difficult to license—we will negotiate that before I record your custom backing track(s). There will never be any surprise fees on your final bill.

Rates for large projects are negotiable. We'll find a solution that works for everyone, financially and artistically.

A Little Technical Info

I play all tracks live and record the MIDI data. That means I can adjust the speed or key of your recording even after I've recorded it, all without compromising the necessary "live performance" feel. In other words, once I've recorded your track live, I can move it to any key you want, or adjust it in any way you want, without having to play it again, which saves me time and saves you money.


The final tracks can be delivered in several different ways. If you want a CD, add $1.00 to the cost of the order, to cover the CD and postage. If you'd like a high-quality MP3 that you could burn to a CD yourself — or simply use as is — I can email or "Dropbox" the MP3 to you at no additional cost. I can also send WAV files if you prefer, though they are considerably larger and aren't as widely compatible as MP3s.

Payments can be made by check, mailed to the address on the invoice. PayPal is also accepted.

If you need professional custom tracks, at a fair price, contact me today!

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