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Voice Lessons

In the short time I've worked with him, R.J. Nestor has done a remarkable and unprecedented job of freeing my true voice with ease and incredible clarity. – Leah Marie Zeller
National Association of Teachers of Singing

Private students, login at right for recordings and files. Prospective students, contact me for availability and scheduling.

A proud member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, I work with students ranging from beginners to Broadway, singing styles ranging from opera to American Idol.

My students learn consistent breathing and relaxed, open space. We find the Natural Voice, and trust the free energized production of air to place the sound properly. There is no pressure, force, tension, or pushing. As the Natural Voice develops, range increases, stamina improves, and head voice, chest voice and mixed or middle voice become more consistent and homogenous.

I'm an actor and I don't often use terms spoken by singers. R.J. uses terms that help you and your process, whatever your background. Also, he is so well acquainted with the female voice that I never felt that he misunderstood my instrument because of my gender. – Denice Burbach

My core philosophy is simple: Singing, in any style or genre, is natural. The transition from a classical (or in musical theatre terms, legit) style to a musical theatre or pop belt style is not a matter of throat tension or pushing: it requires small, simple physical adjustments, and continued reliance on breath to create the appropriate placement and sound. This produces a safe, healthy belt, one that can be maintained through an entire career with no vocal damage.

All lessons are recorded on a high-fidelity Zoom H2 recorder. The MP3s are uploaded to this site, and students login to listen to the lessons. Your MP3s are visible and available only to you; no one else will have access to your private recordings.

Contact me for availability and scheduling.